November customer service award goes to....Sonos!

New_sonos A few weeks ago, I got an email from Rachel Stagnaro, representing Sonos PR.  She told me that Sonos "has listened to blog posts and forums" and has responded to the "#1 customer request and most hotly debated topic" and has added more content selection.  She offered me a sneak peak at the new interface, which was slated to launch a week later.  Eager to learn more, I replied asking how broadly the email was distributed.  It turns out the email was sent to a select list of bloggers and people who had contacted Sonos to voice their opinions on the interface, namely the lack of keyword search.  I fit into both categories since I blogged about it and wrote the VP of Product Management offering my consulting services.  Not only did Sonos listen to our concerns, but they responded by introducing a drastically improved user interface with search functionality and allowed the most vocal customers to get first dibs.  I had doubted Sonos since I purchased the system a few months ago, but they've righted the ship with this move and I'm back fully on board.