Best feature of Google Checkout - don't share your email with the merchant

I just ordered a Jawbone bluetooth headset from (cheapest quality merchant on Pricegrabber).  When I went to checkout, they listed Google Checkout as a separate checkout option.  I logged in and two clicks later, the transaction was complete.  But along the way, there was a checkbox next to the statement "Keep email address anonymous from".  Why, yes, please, thank you.  Google Checkout allowed me to order from a merchant without sharing my email address, preventing the inevitable onslaught of promos and sale notifications I would receive for several months or years thereafter.  This is a huge benefit, not to mention the two-click checkout speed.  Google Checkout has been fighting an uphill battle against Paypal for a while, and this won't part the red sea for them, but it's a nice enough feature, that it made me notice and so will bring me back again soon.  Not to mention, I can charge the item to my credit card and get the miles, something that is more difficult to accomplish on Paypal.