Al Gore's powerpoint campaign launching platform - "An Inconvenient Truth"

Saw the film on Sunday. Its a provocative presentation of research and facts that outline the plight the world faces with global warming.  Global warming is clearly a problem of global proportions (hence the word global), but one of which America is the largest perpetrator. Some takeaways from the film - why aren't other countries putting more pressure on the U.S.?  After all, the world doesn't belong to us, despite the beliefs to the contrary of so many living on this land.  We're all going to suffer the same painful death and its surprising no other nations can stand up to America.  Do we exercise that much power and influence on the world stage that we can do whatever we want, even if it includes destroying the very world we control?  This sounds like some sort of maniacal cult leader reminiscent of Jim Jones, albeit on a larger scale....the largest.  Also, if the isn't political, why did it include 15 min on the 2000 election.  I don't see the connection there.  My prediction is that Al Gore will use this film as a campaign launching platform and for good reason.  A better Democratic candidate has yet to surface.  I predict Al Gore will win the democratic  nomination in 2006 over a capable challenger in Hillary.  The country is not ready for a woman president, and even less ready than in 2000, when we all took a big right turn.  My rationale is the following: all the voters who supported Gore in 2000 will do so again. Combined with the former Bush supporters who have either: a) become disillusioned with their choice and/or b) realized the acute errors in their thinking, will rally behind a candidate who is running on a similar platform, albeit boosted by: i) an image that is more likable and ii) the addition of a cause that is national and global and unequivocally affects everyone.  Al Gore will be the next President of the U.S. and I pray that he will get our country back on course.

Updated July 6, 2006 -

In this month's Wired, Lawrence Lessig seems to agree: