Biking NYC

I just purchased a 2001 bianchi milano commuter bike from ebay (pic below). Price paid for those curious: $240. I've been looking for a good bike to ride around the city and this thing fits the bill - retro design,  internal gears, splash fenders, bell and  LED light on the seat for night driving. Yesterday, after stopping by the bike shop for some assistance with assembly/repairs, I took my maiden voyage  from my apartment in brooklyn to a meeting on 79th and Broadway. Only 40 min - about the same as subway and what a rush!!  There is something about biking in the city that is totally exhilerating. Watching all the traffic moving in different directions, predicting movements and potential danger and generally, figuring out the method to the madness gives me a satisfaction and transforms my commutes into real experiences. The exercise ain't bad either.....

By Josh Guttman