Westin's heavenly shower is...heavenly

Heavenly_shower_72dpi_2 I stayed at a Westin in Savannah two weeks ago and fell in love with the Heavenly Shower that I found in my bathroom.  Its the first time I had seen their double shower-head and thought it was a brilliant idea.  From a business perspective, it's a simple inexpensive thing to add, but one that probably pays off many times by making the customer feel good.  Westin has extended their "Heavenly" branded products, which began with the plush Heavenly Bed a few years ago, to all sorts of luxury branded items that make staying in Westins a somewhat unique experience and give Starwood a great opportunity to sell products for home consumption.  If a customer purchases a feather bed or shower head for their home, that surely increases the probability of them staying in a Westin on their next trip.  I think this is one of the most innovative and well-executed brand extensions in recent memory.  And I've seen several imitators - Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton and others - following suit.  Other Starwood brands like The W are also taking pointers, selling W-branded products.  To the Westin marketing team: Well Done!!