User generated photos picking up steam on Bergen Carroll

When I put together Bergen Carroll a year or so ago, I setup a feature whereby readers could showcase their photos in a "featured photo" section by tagging them Bergen Carroll on Flickr. For the better part of 12 months, nobody noticed and the only photos rotating through the system were ones I uploaded myself.  Then, something happened and people figured it out, possibly prompted by a few Flickr messages sent to neighborhood residents.  Over the past two months, 80 neighborhood photos have been tagged Bergen Carroll on Flickr by 3-4 different photographers.   I love that this feature has been noticed and is being used as intended.  It shows that adoption can sometimes take time (and can require patience) before usage grows.  Though having that patience is often a necessity if you believe a product has real growth potential.  Another six months without adoption and I may have taken the feature down.....

By Josh Guttman