To all marketing professionals - "Get creative or find new work"

One of the areas of business affected most profoundly by Web2.0 and new technologies is the world of marketing.  No longer is just a catchy message delivered by an actor during the commercial break sufficient to woo customers.  Advertising today must be creative, cool and most of all, entertaining.  The old "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV" approach, guilting your audience into a purchase, may do more harm for a companies image as the result of negative customer backlash than good in today's environment.  Marketers have been embracing MySpace and YouTube for a a year or so, but recently advertisements in the form of entertaining videos with every-so subtle messages from their sponsor have achieved phenomenal success at reaching their audience.  Stride Gum launched what is perhaps the most successful of these new-form campaigns recently with their video Where the Hell is Matt?  As you can see from the video below, this is first and foremost an entertaining video.  Second, its a short and subtle spot for Stride Gum, but only after the viewer has been fully drawn in by the video do we realize this.


This video has received over four million views on YouTube....a huge viewership for any marketing campaign, particularly one as low budget as this, granted Stride probably has $10,000 invested in airfare alone.  In true Web2.0 fashion, we launched a response with Where in Israel is Jacob? (yes, mixing in a Zionist subtext to keep things interesting).  This video has 6,000 views in the first week, which we're also excited about.