Time for Joe to go!! - Joe Lieberman's day of reckoning

Voters are lining up today in the CT Senatorial primary to decide if Ned Lamont takes Joe Lieberman's Democratic party ticket.  If Lamont wins, it will be the first time an incumbant senator loses a primary since 1980. 

I think its time for Lieberman to go.  Enough middle of the road politics.  A Lamont win will send a strong message to future Democratic candidates that pandering to Bush and the current White House will not be tolerated.  Lieberman has a respectable voting record, but he has straddled the fence on key issues over the past two years - patriot act, free trade, foreign policy, environment, gun control - and this will ultimately prove to be his undoing.  Ned Lamont has taken Bush head on - condemned many of his policies including the Iraq war, and supported universal health care, the need to decrease our dependence on oil and protect our civil rights.  While he obviously doesn't have much of a voting record - Lamont's positions are stronger than Lieberman's and he has vowed to go after Bush.  This might be enough to get him the Democratic seat.  He also brings strong business saavy to Washington, which the government desperately needs.