The Significance of The New Year

2007 has arrived.  I don't know what the new year has in store for me, but I hope it to be at least as exciting and full of growth as 2006.  After a few drinks last night, I was waxing philosophic (because that's what I do) about the significance of New Years and why everyone gets so excited about it.  After a few drinks, I came up with the following hypothesis:
Throughout the year, we all celebrate our individual birthdays which signify another year of life having passed.  On New Years Eve, we celebrate reaching another year of life together, therefore it represents our collective and shared birthday.  As I pondered the funny SMS messages I received from friends on my phone last night, I scripted the following words which became my 2007 New Years message:

New Years is the birthday we all share, the birthday of humanity.  Happy birthday my friend!!