The battle for Iconistan heats up

In cased you missed the news, there is a battle going on over a land called  Iconistan.  This isn't any normal place, rather it's a virtual one that lives and breathes on millions of web browsers every day.  It typically resides near an article subtitle or byline and is filled with icons representing various tools and features that are competing to be the web's next new new thing.   The term received press recently on Wired and also by the man who allegedly coined the phrase, Tony Conrad, CEO of Sphere.  Some examples of this evolving landscape include NY Times recent redesign of their Iconistan giving power to newcomers such as Newsvine and Facebook (this one surprised me) and taking it away from established heavyweight,   GigaOm has the most unique Iconistan, giving prominence to virtually every contender fighting for a piece of the pie, including several I had never seen.  I think the tools that provide the most user value will end up winning this war and so the websites that include these tools will share in the victory. The Web (1.0 and 2.0) is about the user and if you give the user what they want, they will reward you handsomely.