Supermodels, fast cars and movie to Oz

LA is a trip.  I’m here for two days en route to Melbourne tonight.  In one day in LA, I’ve seen more Bentleys and Ferraris than probably exist on the entire East Coast.  Last night, I went to dinner with my friend and colleague Andre Leb and his fiancé, Leanne.  He brought us to Brentwood’s hottest sushi restaurant, Katsuya.  A few feet from us were Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell (both of whom are so gorgeous, it’s hard not to stare), Quincy Jones and my favorite of the bunch, Cameron Diaz.  By the way, Cam looked far better than she did at the Oscars…in case anyone was wondering.  When Tyra walked out the front door, so many paparazzi flash bulbs went off, the restaurant lit up like Christmas.  Cameron and Naomi slipped out the back door, while, as you might expect, Quincy was still comfortably reclining in his seat, sipping a cocktail, when we left around 11:30.  Today, we saw Kevin Bacon.  I’m not complaining, but NYC is not star-struck like LA.  When I do see celebs in NYC (usually a view of their backside after a friend nudges me on the shoulder, myself still in oblivion), they are wearing jeans and a t-shirt and are pretty chill.  What does all this mean?  I guess it makes visiting LA novel and fun, but I still prefer NYC. 

I’m off to Australia tonight for two weeks.  Next up….”I blog from a land down under….”