Steve Jobs unveils iPhone at MacWorld today

Dsc_0199 Steve Jobs and Apple unveiled the iPhone today at their MacWorld conference in San Francisco.  I find it funny that Apple chooses to schedule MacWorld at the exact same time as CES (the largest consumer electronics conference) in Vegas, as if to say, "we don't fit in with you other commoners....we deserve our own show."  For better or worse, they're right.  Engadget covered Jobs' keynote speech in almost real-time complete with play-by-play commentary and color.  I'm still inspired by Jobs' ability to design the most cutting-edge projects and effectively market them in a fun and exciting way.  The pomp and circumstance with which he presents something new is phenomenal.  Eric Schmidt and Jerry Yang on stage with him for the presentation?  If you don't believe in Apple, surely you believe in Google or Yahoo.  There are few leaders as gifted as Steve Jobs and as long as he is at the helm of Apple, expect great things.