Sometimes, you're better off on your own....

As the quest to find decent customer service continues - one of my favorite topics - I had two infuriating incidents this week with Asus and HP.  Bought a new router from Asus that has a usb port for printer sharing....'pretty cool' I thought until I called the Asus customer service line for help setting it up.  In what was probably the worst customer service experience of all time (yes, I know that's saying a lot) we spent 20 minutes discussing the issue before the guy told me my printer was not compatible with the router.  Infuriated, I hung up, only to figure the whole setup out on my own 15 mins later networking both my mac and pc.  Later in the week, I had a scanning issue with the printer (post-networking).  Similarly, I engaged HP customer service, which is leagues better than Asus (as it should be), but again was given poor advice.  They suggested i uninstall all software and driver and then, reinstall.  Unfortunately, this process continued for 3 days because the reinstall wouldn't take.  Eventually, I figured out that scanning wasn't going to work on the printer networked through usb.  In both cases, customer services provided little to negative value.  Thanks guys.

By Josh Guttman