New fund website!

Last week, after many edits, revisions, tweaks and updates, we unveiled a new website for our fund, SBNY. You can see the final product here. We're all happy with the way it ended up. We put an identity statement up front, followed by a team page, portfolio page and a page to highlight where we invest. In the footer, we highlight news and job listings across our portfolio. The news app is powered by our portfolio company, RebelMouse, and managed by their nifty curation tool that tracks 20 social feeds and queues them up for approval. The jobs app was custom built, inspired by our friends at USV, and was built in Tornado running on Digital Ocean. It updates daily with open hires across our portfolio. Lastly, we built a contact form that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to explain their business based on five criterion that we evaluate. Pitches are sent directly to our team for review.

Have a visit to our new site and leave any feedback for improvement in the comments.