"Liquid Evil Made Nice" wins chili cook-off! Going for three-peat in 2008...

The 2nd annual super bowl chili cook-off is in the books and this year brought out some unique creations.  There was a Smokey Hobo Bean mix submitted by Kevin.  Also, an overnight-simmered Nobody's Fool Wheatberry Delight from Jessi.  But for the second year in a row, I think my Liquid Evil Made Nice (adapted from Liquid Evil) took home the crown, in what may represent the first sport over which I can confidently proclaim some dominance.  Granted, there were no official judges or voting and two entrants dropped out at the last minute, but the whispers around the room all echoed in unison...Liquid Evil reigned supreme.  The recipe called for an absurd variety and quantity of peppers - pablano, jalapeno, habanero and others, half of which are still in a sealed plastic bag, and a quarter of which were chopped then tossed in the trash after realizing what might be in store.  Apparently Nebraskans can hold their spice:)  The 25% that I chopped and peeled (sadly gloveless) caused such burning and irritation on my fingers, I was uncomfortable most of the night.  A few of my fingers are tingly today....cooking lesson learned.

By Josh Guttman