Irresponsible reporting by leading publications reveals larger anti-Israel bias

Washpost_7_31_2 This photo was emailed to me with the following capton:

Do you see the "problem" with this picture?  The last "body" in the back is getting up too early.  These are the "57 dead" in Qana and the journalist goes along with it. 
In case you missed this piece of news last month, Lebanese journalists initially reported that 57 people had been killed including 37 children in the Israeli bombing of Qana.  This led to the Israeli government suspending air strikes for 48 hours.  Human Rights Watch later reported that, in fact, 28 was the number dead, which included 16 children.  Its hard to argue over numbers of dead, especially since I believe every single one of the lives lost in this conflict were killed unnecessarily.  However, in the crucial war of public opinion, the Arab nations battling Israel continue to gain support, and with much assistance from foreign journalists who do not seem to care about reporting news factually.  I am reminded of the NY Times photo in September 2000 of Tuvia Grossman, a Jewish  student from Chicago, blood streaming down his face, which included a caption describing him as a Palestinian victim of Israeli abuse.  The report proved to include other factual errors including the location where it was taken.  The point here is that a strong anti-Israel sentiment continues to plague honest reporting around the world, particularly reports from the region of conflict.  One might expect this type of biased coverage from Lebanese or Syrian sources, but from the NY Times and Washington Post....its very disappointing.