Go straight to the top

If you've followed my blog for the past few weeks, you are likely aware of a tiff I'm having with FedEx over a PC that was shipped from SF to NYC, but arrived severely mishandled and damaged. Two weeks ago, after being told my damage claim would be denied, I sent a two-page letter to Dave Rebholz and Rodger Marticke (the CEO and COO of FedEx Ground) with 6 pages of supporting documentation that included photos, packing slips, etc. Yesterday, having not yet received a response, I called FedEx HQ and spoke to Rodger (Dave was travelling). We had a nice conversation and he thanked me for following up before promising they would be in touch by the end of the week. I know this doesn't mean they'll do the right thing, but it feels like we're one step closer. I'm keeping my fingers crossed....

By Josh Guttman