Gizmo Project picks up steam

Gizmo Project, AFVOIPO (another f#c*'n VOIP offering), seems to be picking up steam as documented yesterday by Mashall Kirkpatrick in a TechCrunch posting.  The main differentiator between Gizmo and Skype is opensource code which enables a bunch of features Skype doesn't offer. Fair enough, but is there really any end to VOIP offerings that one-up each other?  Are there any barriers to entry in this market?  VOIP calling seems pretty clearly to be moving free, which will eliminate any price differentiation for these new entrants.  What competitive advantages will be left? Not to mention that I’ve been a Vonage customer for two years, and can attest that VOIP is only as good as the carrier lines it runs on.  I switched from Time Warner to Covad in an effort to improve performance and the difference was negligible.