Following up on Westin....White Tea and Heavenly Cribs

After writing the article on the Heavenly Shower, I connected with a friend who works on the Westin brand for Starwood.  He read my article and shared the following perspective:

you have no idea the life the "brand culture" has taken on.
we have our own scent (white tea) - memory being the strongest of recalls and emotional ties, every time you set foot in a Westin they are pumping the scent through the building.
the color, font size, lack of caps - all meant to evoke the brand "feel"... the point being to make an emotional connection.
Westin Workout rooms powered by Reebok, working out in the privacy of your own room equipped with a treadmill and pilates DVD.
The Westin Unwind evening ritual that changes for each Westin location.
The Westin Breathe initiative... every Westin is smoke free, rooms and public spaces.
The Westin Heavenly dog bed... because even your pooch needs a heavenly experience
The Westin Crib... same as above but for your child!
It's endless...all Starwood brands have taken this initiative to have their own brand speak, look, feel, smell all to create that "other place" that Starbucks has so successfully created.  A home away from home unique to each brand and each brand touching a demographic.