Etsy - the coolest, funkiest startup in NYC Brooklyn

Etsy_logo Last Wednesday, I visited Etsy Labs in Brooklyn for their Wednesday Tea.  I was the only one who showed up so I got a lot of attention and some quality 1-v-1 time with a bunch of the Etsy staffers.  Thanks to Michelle, Danielle and Sarah for showing me around.  I had heard a lot about these guys and had to go check them out for myself.  Etsy is a unique startup.  They help crafts-workers promote and sell their goods - like a fixed price eBay tailored specifically for crafts.  Artists setup unique online storefronts to sell their goods and Etsy helps promote the whole package.  As Rob Kalin, Etsy's founder and CEO, recently wrote in a long post on the company's blog, their mission is to enable people to make a living making things.  Check out their site at - there are all kinds of cool things for sale at very reasonable (cheap by NY standards) prices...this is an excellent place to buy a gift for a girlfriend, wife, mom, etc.  Their offices are a perfect representation of the company...part-art studio, part-startup, part-commune.  From what I gather, there is some solid core technology behind this operation, but you really wouldn't know it from visiting.  The office is adorned with all types of crafts - a recently constructed pillow in the shape of twin breasts, silk-screened clothes of all shapes and sizes and other assorted chatchkes.   The mood is decidedly chill and laid back, one I imagine would be conducive to creativity.  Union Square Ventures funded the company, which recently sold its one millionth product and is generating $1 million in profit on $12 million in revenue - a dollar in profit for each product sold at an early stage of development....that's pretty nice.  Check out Etsy's full slate of workshops and classes held locally at Etsy Labs in Brooklyn as well as their national events calendar, or stop by their offices for one of their "teas".  These guys are doing Brooklyn proud.