Durham County DA Mike Nifong belongs in jail

Mike Nifong won re-election yesterday as District Attorney of Durham County, North Carolina.  The man belongs in jail.  In case you missed the 60 Minutes report on the Duke rape allegations, it's all available on the CBS News website.  Be sure to watch the interviews included in 'related video' section.  The Durham DA conducted an illegal investigation with blatant disregard for standard procedure and code.  He reached his desired verdict before evidence was collected, and when evidence did come back - specifically non-matching DNA from the entire team - he still proclaimed his certainty of guilt.  What kind of DA proclaims certainty of guilt?  Nifong never even met with the accuser nor would he accept a meeting with any of the lacrosse players' attorneys, despite their claims that they could prove their clients' innocence.  In addition to the illegal lineup, which Nifong constructed of all lacrosse players rather than following standard practice of using fillers, one of the indicted players was never interviewed by police.  And the inconsistency of the accuser's story speaks for itself.  Nifong got his re-election and I suspect that was his primary motivation for blowing this case out of proportion.  Now, however, he should be held accountable.  If the evidence turns out to be as bogus as it appears and the case is dismissed - which I believe it should be - Nifong should pay a tremendous price.  He has caused irreversible harm to three innocent men's lives and he should pay dearly for this.