Doritos plugging into world of user generated content

Doritos plopped themselves in the center of user generated mania recently with a campaign to name the next flavor of chips.  There were several different flavors in circulation, but the one I picked up, code-named X-13D, had a char-broiled meaty flavor.  The process of ID-ing the specific source consumed approximately 15-20 minutes and most of the bag of chips.  In the end, my friends and I agreed it was the Whopper, in all its flame-broiled glory.  For someone who is, for the most part, a vegetarian, this realization was mixed with some confusion and despair.  Having read Fast Food Nation though, I remained confident that the flavor was manufactured from 100% inorganic chemicals.  The truth be told, we wouldn't have finished as much of the bag were it not for the challenge of ID-ing the flavor.  I commend Doritos for this campaign though.  They've designed a rich website, with lots of interactivity.  In addition to selecting and naming the new flavor, they are empowering users to create the audio track for the video ad.  As a product line, Doritos hasn't done much since the revolutionary Cool Ranch flavor appeared in 1992.  I take that back...Baked Doritos was a good idea, but they borrowed that one from Lays, and it didn't seem to catch anyway.  It seems Whopper didn't make it to the final bracket of the Dorito challenge.  The two finalists are wild white nacho and smokey cheddar BBQ.  While I love BBQ, I'm pulling for wild white nacho in this match-up.