Don't call it a comeback - KRS-1 rocks NYC

I had the pleasure of seeing KRS-One last Thursday in Park Slope.  I was so impressed that I returned to see him again last night in Manhattan.  This man is a true performer, if I've ever seen one.  Bringing it back to the old-school tradition of 1980s hip-hop, KRS-1 tells it like it is half preaching, half rapping his message of empowerment while Grand Wizard Theodore mixes on two turntables behind him.  During both shows, KRS covered a wide range of topics including politics, history, racism, religion, gender and pop culture to go along with the standard "don't mess with me" hip-hop attitude.  By the end of each night, there were no less than 20 people sharing the stage with him, as he showed utter selflessness continually recognizing the work of others in attendance.  On one occasion, he asked his crew to lift a man's wheelchair with its owner in tow onto the stage so the fan could get a closer view.  Most impressive to me, KRS's voice seemed to keep rhythm throughout the evening, creating a powerful presence on stage and equally powerful sound reverberating throughout the venue.  Recordings don't compare to seeing a performer like KRS-1 live, but here is a video of his song "My Philosophy" to give you an idea of what he's all about.