Consumer electronic packaging....time to rethink it

Img_0265_1 Why are most gadgets and electronics still packaged in armored plastic that requires scissors, pliers and hacksaws to open?  Every time I pick up a new toy (it's somewhat frequently), I encounter the same frustrating predicament, negotiating the item out of its plastic home.  Typically, it goes something like this: I begin by attempting a dissection of the top and bottom plastic pieces by pealing apart the edge where they are connected.  When this fails (and it always fails) I grab a sturdy pair of scissors and cut a strategic slice through the hard plastic that will hopefully give me access to the item.  Now comes the fun part.  Once the cut is made, I usually try to pull apart the top and bottom enough to reach my hand in and grab the item.  A fair amount of time, one of two frustrating things happens.  Either (a) there's not enough room to squeeze the item out and I end up breaking off some small but critical piece or (b) I cut my hand or finger on the sharp plastic edge left over from the incision and subsequent tear.   I know everyone out there has experienced the same damn thing time and again.  With all the cool technology we're developing today, I gotta believe that clear plastic packaging that is easy to open can't be that hard.