Communication and Email woes answered - Microsoft, RIM, Mail2Web and Apple save the day!!

I posted a few weeks ago about my frustration that so few email solutions provide the functionality and convenience I've come to expect.  My problem was the following: (1) multiple computers and access points, all of which I expect to remain sync'd at all times (2) a blackberry device that also needs to remain sync'd (3) a calendar system that needs to communicate with my blackberry and interact seamlessly with other communication platforms.  While gmail was exciting to me initially, it proved inefficient, as deletions required more than one click, my inbox soon reached 1,700 messages, and messages often slipped through the cracks, sometimes falling off my first page, sometimes lost forever.  GCal was extremely disappointing.  It couldn't sync with the blackberry, only sending SMS messages before appointments, making scheduling a challenge and checking my calendar a nuisance.  I looked into Yahoo Mail, but wasn't impressed with its blackberry compatibility either.  Well, after a bunch of research, my problems have all been solved.  I researched virtual exchange servers and decided to purchase a plan from Mail2Web for $20 per month.  Their virtual exchange sever allows me to use Outlook or Entourage to manage my mail, and keeps my email, calendar and contacts wirelessly sync'd between computers and devices at all times.  This is the way the blackberry device was designed to be used and boy, does it make a huge difference.  Never again will I miss a conference call because I forgot to manually sync my blackberry.  Mail2Web offered the best package of the Microsoft certified partners and as a Canadian company based in Toronto, I found their 24-hr customer service department to be unusually skilled and helpful....note: no outsourcing to India here, every representative I spoke to was a true Canadian, eh?  Finally, to throw another wrench in the mix, I recently switched to a MacBookPro for my work laptop, a move that I'm thrilled about...this is the most fun I've had on a computer in a long time.  I played with Entourage for a week or so, but found it extremely inferior to Outlook 2007, which incidentally, I found to be a huge improvement over 2003.  Running XP over Parallels on the mac, and adjusting the settings to optimize for performance, I'm able to run Outlook with good speed, not sacrificing email and calendar functionality.  So there you have it.  If you want more info, I'm considering doing some IT consulting on the side.... 

By Josh Guttman