Bringing it local and "we're in private beta"

After 24 hrs at Web2.0 Expo, these two themes have emerged as leaders.  At least 50% of the people I've spoken to here are working on something "in private beta" (ooh, mysterious). It's the new buzzword of Web2.0.  Many of them are doing something with social networking, participatory commerce, collaboration tools or mirroring one of the apps that have exploded over the past year.  There's also a focus on connecting local communities, an area that has been simmering for a few years.

Some interesting tidbits from the keynote session today....

  • Farsi is the 10th largest blogging language, mostly from Iranian bloggers
  • Participation/View Rates: YouTube - 0.16% Flickr - 0.2% Wikipedia - 4.6%
  • Blog posts now using tags - 30%
  • 230mm objects have been tagged on web in past two years