Born-again biker in NYC

I'm sure many people enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather we've experienced over the past few weeks, but I'm convinced nobody valued it as much as me.  The warm weather allowed me to continue biking to work into December, something I have come to appreciate in a big way.  Those few weeks in early November when the weather turned cold and rainy, I found myself doing a stretch of time on the crowded subways during morning rush hour.  As the time since my last bike-to-work grew longer, I noticed my mood growing more negative.  As soon as I had the opportunity to get back on my bike, my mood and outlook improved.  In general, I find that on days I ride to work, my outlook is far more positive and my time at work more enjoyable and productive.  I think it has something to do with the experience of bicycling through the streets of NYC, which requires your complete attention and therefore, 100% presence of mind.  In general, I believe presence of mind leads to good things so however we can achieve it is worthwhile.  Of course, the fresh (uhh, maybe not so fresh) outdoor air is nice and the view over the Brooklyn Bridge and up Hudson/8th Ave is equally enjoyable each and every morning.   Contrasted by the proverbial sardine-packed F Train and the negativity of so many a fellow-New Yorker that we encounter, it's no wonder my mood is affected.  Then again, there's always the iPod to get me through the winter months...I ordered a new one yesterday.