Billboard on 54th and 7th Ave

54billboard2_1_5 I have a feeling this is a creative marketing campaign for some new sleezy sitcom (think desperate housewives part 2) about to begin in the fall on one of the major networks.  I wish writers would come up with more positive-themed programming and television execs would be more focused on finding them.  Its analogous to the stand-up comic who gets laughs by making fun of people.  There is a better way...a higher road.  Why sensationalize infidelity and filanderous behavior?   It only makes it seem more socially acceptable to the masses.  Let's leave that to the tabloids.  Television, once a media form held in a higher journalistic regard, often seems indistinguishable from tabloid journalism.  I have no doubt that the next generation will be affected in some negative way by this garbage.