Opportunities in real estate technology

A few months ago, I joined a panel at the Inman Conference here in NYC with Brian Hirsch from Tribeca Venture Partners, Joanne Wilson from Gotham Gal Ventures, and Amy Wu from IA Ventures to discuss venture capitalists' views about

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Rethinking healthcare delivery

We’re in the midst of an awakening in this country as it relates to our healthcare system.  To most anyone who has spent time studying the state of affairs, it clear that we are falling behind other developed nations

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Android has come a long way

I switched back to Android last month, after 3-4 years on iOS, which started in 2009 with this blog post.  The change was driven by curiosity more than anything, plus a new phone someone sent me as a gift didn't

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Announcing our investment in Reonomy


As someone who grew up around the real estate industry, with a father in development, an uncle in construction, a cousin in management and their assorted colleagues frequently a part of the dinner table conversation, it’s a sector of

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Rest In Peace RFPs



A decade or so ago, while working for a large media company, the concept of issuing an RFP came up in conversation.  It was easy to figure out that RFP was an acronym for "Request for Proposal", but conceptually

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