Sarah Silverman for Obama – The Great Schlep

The convergence of our economic woes and the presidential election is producing some of the most creative and entertaining soundbites from those in the public eye.  Sarah Silverman, always hilarious, campaigns here to help get out the bubby vote in Florida.  She’s also the spokesperson for an impressive grassroots campaign called The Great Schlep to influence the Florida vote. The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo. Related articles by Zemanta The Great Schlep – Sarah Silverman on Obama The Great Schlep Obama Needs Your Jewish Granny, Says Sarah Silverman

“It’s the economy, genius”

What a time we live in.  The past few weeks have been fascinating, historic, scary, depressing, opportunity-laden, transformational and ominous all at the same time.  The convergence of the economic meltdown with the presidential election is a one-two power punch combo.  Since the two topics are virtually intertwined at this point, I think the handling of the economic situation will probably go a long way towards determining the outcome of the election, though that’s nothing particularly new.  I’ve had a bunch of interesting conversations over the past week about the economy and felt like jotting down a few (sometimes disconnected) thoughts on it. My dad forwarded me this article by William Chafe (a Duke prof) on the parallels between 1929 and today.  I find it quite frightening.   Similarities between the two eras are: Growth in salaries of workers fall way short of growth in executive pay (480x difference in current ...(Read More)

My night with Bob Dylan

It was a beautiful spring night at the Prospect Park Bandshell and my chance to see Bob Dylan, thanks to a tip-off earlier this summer to the advance sales password on  A woman I met in line during the show summed it up best when she told me, “I don’t care how badly he sings, I’ll love the show no matter what.”  I think she pretty much summarized how the majority of people there felt.  Gersh had a great review and write-up of the show this morning on The Brooklyn Paper, and he appears to be more of a Dylan aficionado than me.  There were definitely two Dylans in attendance last night.  His new songs were upbeat and melodic.  His older hits were sung hum-drum and monotone.  I wondered if he intentionally made an effort to sing them differently, just to mix it up after 40 years.  Based on ...(Read More)

Voice your support for NY State recognition of same sex marriage

My Thoughts on Tim Russert….